St. Roch's Cemetery No. 1 and 2

1725 St. Roch Avenue

Attractions + Faubourg Marigny + Cemeteries

The story of St. Roch’s Cemetery begins with Holy Trinity Church in the Faubourg Marigny. This lovely church sits defunct and abandoned in a tract of land that was once called “Little Saxony,” since it received the waves of German immigrants pouring into New Orleans during the 1840’s. This German speaking Catholic parish was founded in 1847, while two blocks away is the city’s first Protestant German church, St. Paul Lutheran, founded in 1840. The congregations included artisans, shopkeepers, farmers, dairymen, and the settlers of Milneburg. Holy Trinity served the area as the parish church until 1871, when it was divided and St. Boniface parish was created.

The St. Roch cemetery chapel is particularly noteworthy due to the offerings left to those in recognition of answered prayers. The cemetery is well maintained by the current congregation, and is actively used today.

Save Our Cemeteries is the only group that does a special trip to St. Roch that goes every once in a while. So if you are adventurous, hop on the bus or drive and check it out yourself. Pay close attention to posted closing times, or you might get locked in.

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