Ghosts, Haunts & Voodoo Tour

441 Royal Street

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Photo Credit:  Carrie Marchal

Photo Credit: Carrie Marchal

Since its founding, New Orleans has suffered more disease, disasters, destruction and death than any other American city. Spirits are taken for granted here! The influence of Voodoo has been profound and it seems that almost every building has its own haunting story. Even the sidewalks and rooftops have their resident ghosts and spirits. Take this historical, fun-filled, and chilling after-dark walk around the Quarter’s edges in search of the living dead.

Magic Tours created and nurtured this unique New Orleans haunted tour that is now imitated by so many! Some do it passably, other do it embarrassedly. They do it professionally and are proud to call it their own, since 1992. Hear ghost stories, tales of vampires, and Voodoo legends.

Tour departs nightly at 8:00 p.m. from 441 Royal Street, at the corner of Royal and St. Louis. See map.
Tour length: Approximately 2 hours

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